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One last thing

March 28, 2017

One last thing

It just takes one last thing. One last thing to make you wake the fuck up - to make you step out of the whirlwind, and realize that in your effort to keep everything together, keep everything moving forward, keep coping with the stresses of day to day life, to keep surviving -  one last thing to make you stop -  and realize that while you’ve been spending all your energy surviving, all the most important things, the things that truly matter, the things that genuinely deserve your energy, have been overlooked. It takes one last thing to offset all you thought had been balanced, but had actually been tipping that energetic scale for some time. It only takes that one last thing to make it crystal clear - that this is where you went wrong. That you forgot the importance of staying MINDFUL. -  Of acknowledging and letting go. That somewhere along the way things changed, and you had to try, and not just BE. It takes that one thing, that one last thing to finally rescue you from within your own head, and back into the present time or moment - Now. Now is all we have, and now can be hard, and it is.


Johanna ~ 2/1/17          

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